Core Aeration is essentially the process of making small cylindrical "holes" in your lawn to allow nutrients to reach the root system while reducing compaction of your lawn. Most aerators are gas powered, with a "wheel" full of hollow metal spikes that is driven on your lawn in a effort to pull out plugs from your lawn via the hollow metal spikes (usually referred to as tines). These plugs are left on the lawn and dissolve back into the lawn in about 3 weeks, all the while providing a healthy supply of nutrients that not only benefits the root structure of your lawn but also assists in reducing thatch.

Core Aeration greatly benefits your lawn by allowing water and other nutrients direct access to the root structure, which in turn helps your grass grow deeper, thicker roots. A lawn with deep, thick roots is more resistant to drought, weeds, physical damage (ie: people walking on it) and on top of that, thick lawns look pretty darn good! Core Aeration also reduces the compaction of your lawn. Over time your lawn will naturally become compressed (or compacted) and that will create a lot of resistance for water and other nutrients trying to travel down through the soil. As a result, lawns with compacted soil usually have very shallow root structure and in turn are usually quite weak. A shallow root structure caused by compaction puts your lawn at risk for drought, weed growth and bare spots. Core Aeration can solve all of these problems and is a key factor in producing a healthy, beautiful lawn! Core Aeration should be performed once a year in the spring or fall.

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