Power Raking is, in a nut shell, the process of removing the unhealthy thatch layer that has accumulated on your lawn. Power Rakes work by using a series of blades (somewhat like knives) that move up and down, breaking up the thatch layer and bringing it to the surface where it can be raked up and removed.

Thatch refers to the accumulation of dead grass trimmings/dead grass roots that have piled up to form a barrier between the surface of the grass and the actual soil. A small, thin layer of thatch can actually benefit your lawn by helping to keep the moisture in the soil from evaporating. However once Spring rolls around, most lawns have accumulated an unhealthy (thick) layer of thatch which, if left unchecked, will reduce the amount of nutrients that your lawn can receive as the thatch barrier actually prevents water and nutrients from reaching the soil before evaporating.

Over time, a thick layer of thatch will cause the root structure of your lawn to thin out as the grass essentially starves from lack of nutrients - which will lead to weeds germinating in your lawn and bare spots in your grass. Power Raking is an essential part of a healthy lawn and should be performed once a year in the early spring.

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